Saturday, 8 May 2010

An Introduction




Hi all
This is a small introduction to our three Hungarian Vizslas Haggis, Tatties & Laalie. This blog is about them, there antics, and the day to day life with 3 very energetic, mad dogs! So without futher ado let me introduce you to them.
Haggis, our 1st arrival on the scene! and possibly our biggest nightmare, Haggis was a big learning curve, and we will admit openly that we did get a few things wrong in the beginning.
He's 8 years old now, but i think he thinks he's still a puppy and certainly acts like it.
But for all his Quirks and oddity's he is a great dog, and like all Vizzies he loves being out and about running!!
Tatties, Haggis's half brother, is out Tank Dog, stokey and full of muscle, but has a charecter all of his own. Not as 'Off the wall' as haggis, and proberly the quietest of the three. Although he has his quirks to, but more of those later.
Then there is Laalie ( Shetland Dialect for Plaything) and she lives up to her name! We adopted her from the Shetland Isles in 2008 because her slaves were emigrating to Australia. She Truely does think shes Human, but does suffer with Seperation Axiety, which we are working on on a daily basis.